Virus-like Disease


Influenza is usually known as influenza. This contagious disease brought on by RNA viruses. This disease is not only assault human, yet this computer virus also influences birds and mammals. The symptoms of this disease will be fever, throat infection, muscle discomfort, headache, weak spot, and hacking and coughing. This disease is very common nowadays. So many people affected by this disease. Although it's very simple to be affected by this virus, although this malware is not really hazardous.

Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is also called breakbone fever. This disease is very common in warm country since dengue disease is very ideal with exotic country. Therefore dengue fever is categorized as one of the warm disease. Dengue fever might cause bleeding, low level of blood vessels platelets, and low blood pressure. Dengue computer virus can be sent by bug called supports aegypti. As I mention just before, this disease is very prevalent in warm country and there is possibility that individuals can die because of this disease.


Poultry pox is a disease that triggers an itching rash and red spots or blisters in the body. Generally this disease is assault children. Everyone will get this disease sooner or later of their your life. The symptoms of chickenpox happen to be headache and sore throat. This disease is definitely attack everyone, but once you get this disease, will be certainly only tiny possibility that individuals can get the disease again. This kind of disease is usually not a risky disease.

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