The Go up and Fall of Alexandria

A Literature Report on The Climb and Fall season of Alexandria

Book Review from the Rise and Fall of Alexandria

How the modern community was actually proven is often overlooked and related to the power and domination of Athens and Ancient rome. What writers Justin Pollard and Howard Reid need readers to know, however , is definitely the significance which the city of Alexandria had about Western Civilization. Both writers have worked in British and American television, and are accomplished in the film/documentary industry. Reid has also previously written five other ebooks. In their story book, The Rise and Fall of Alexandria, they will seek to stress just how significant this little city was to the foundation with the modern universe through accounts of history. Alexandria was constructed on the first step toward knowledge and intellect, with a of the greatest minds inside the fields of Philosophy and Astronomy at the rear of the procedure. Alexandria was your birthplace of some of history's most powerfulk people plus the ideas that accompanied these people. The ideas of these powerfulk people, such as Herophilus fantastic discovery of the human internal organs, and Aristarchus with his thought of a heliocentric universe, have been completely carried straight down for centuries and will never be forgotten. Alexandria was home to the amazing library and museum in which some of the world's greatest thinkers pondered and hypothesized the abstracts and ideas that have been foreign for their time. Along with all of these historical information about Alexandria, metropolis also houses one of the Seven Wonders in the World—the magnificent lighthouse, the Pharos. Alexandria, one of the most powerfulk cities inside the foundation of the modern world and a town whose " unique soul” (p. 1) has been overlooked by background. But , through The Rise and Fall of Alexandria, readers are able to experience the climb to knowledge and intellect, and also the rise and fall with this " many extraordinary city on earth” (p. 176). Alexander founded the city of Alexandria in 331 BC....



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