Symbolism in Gatsby

Throughout the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald employs wonderful, effective utilization of symbols to compound the compliment the main themes through the novel. Samples of this consist of his add-on of the Valley of Ashes, a desolate wasteland among West Egg and New York, as well as the interpretation of the ok, which symbolises Gatsby's desire and dreams for the future. Furthermore, other distinctive symbols include the use of vehicles, recently invented, throughout the story, as well as the simple inclusion with the clock during Gatsby's long awaited re-union with Daisy. A visible symbol throughout the novel, which holds wonderful significance, is usually ‘The Area Of Ashes'. This ‘desolate area land', where ‘ashes grow like wheat in to ridges' represents the damage, moral and social decay that is resulting for Many uninhibited quest for wealth and materials possession. The Valley of Ashes as being a symbol symbolizes the poverty and predicament of the poor, who will be left to survive in the shadow of prosperity and prosperity, forced to put up with a ‘bleak' outlook on life. Even the road is described to shrink faraway from it, featuring the neglect that the location is a product of. Furthermore, the Valley also highlights the plight from the poor, among the which is George Wilson. His life seems to be meaningless and empty, as he is afraid of Tom Buchanan, who rudely adopts a hostile tone multiple times throughout the novel, exemplifying the perception that the poor are substandard in this world, with the wealthy prospering. George is included in a ‘white ashen dust', a description which usually invokes the perception of him as a defeated guy, with none the value of his wife, nor his co-workers, due to his lack of wealth. Contained inside the Valley, yet , is one of the the majority of well accepted symbols inside the novel. This is of course the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg; a set of green, gigantic eye whose retinas are one particular yard excessive. These eyes are fading and dimmed, and appear over the solemn dumping...



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