Statement of Purpose to get Oil and Gas Managaement


Latest discoveries of oil and gas deposits in some Photography equipment countries, including Ghana, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and so forth present fresh opportunities to data a lasting growth and development path that helps poverty lowering. Ghana's offshore Jubilee field, situated about 60 kilometers from the landmass is approximated to have oil reserves of 108 billion dollars barrels along with significant gas deposits. Ghana's Jubilee discipline, which started out official industrial production in mid-December 2010, is in the beginning expected to create 55, 1000 barrels of oil every day with output set to climb to a hundred and twenty, 000 barrels per day over the next 6 months The recently discovered all-natural resources as well as the associated windfalls are expected to be used to deliver substantial social, economic and infrastructure improvements in these Photography equipment countries. The masses of jobless youth want forward to new jobs; community fishermen dread losing their livelihoods although some are looking forward to increased national prosperity and a possible end to subscriber dependence and conditionality.

However , many countries have failed to leverage their particular natural useful resource wealth to build strong and stable says with endured long term economic growth. For a few of these countries (for case Nigeria), petrol, gas and mineral wealth have rather become associated with high poverty rates, weak state institutions, corruption and conflict.

There may be therefore the require a broader ‘understanding with the processes, drivers, threats and opportunities linked to the supervision of the energy and hydrocarbon industry in the 21st century' and to efficiently manage each of our oil and gas resources for the general great. It is in a quest to get this expertise that we am applying to study intended for the MSc. Oil and Gas Administration Programme that we believe can equip myself with the experience required for management and supervision in the World's fastest developing and dynamic sector. After a...



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