п»їToday, we offer enhancements of the period

We invented the product can be 3 versions

In order that consumers may select the functions that they actually need and at an amount that they can manage That is the car of innovation there are 3 model spaceship one, Spaceship two, Spaceship three The very first is Spaceship one

This is the car that can have you to travel and leisure by surroundings, land and water At the time you press the button fly. There will be a little wing out of two side with the car and one as well as the out of the middle of car Balloon permits a better equilibrium

All this will make the car take flight but might be flying a bit slow When you press the button drinking water

The rims will " spin " fast and spin as soon as the car can easily float in harbor Spatula is provided for unexpected emergency

Price is two thousand dollar or around sixty thousand bathtub

This price is very cheap that the poor customer can be bought Spaceship two

This is the car that could take you to travel by water and land When you press the button water

The paddle come out of the side of the car

All this could make the car can dive and may dive very quickly too Price is six thousands of dollar or just around a hundred and eighty thousand bath Spaceship three

This can be a car that may take one to travel by air, property

At the time you press the button soar

The car replace the shape is just like private plane and moving at broadband Special function of this unit is a button turbo

Press when traveling and need extra rate

So this car is capable of flying for high speeds and drive very fast Price is high but it isn't extremely expensive if compared to its capacity. just just ten thousand dollar or just around three hundred thousands of bath Basic safety

All our goods have advanced security system referred to as Air as well as the When there is something to hit the automobile with such force whether or not the rocket, airplane, train or perhaps car As well as the in car engines is going to inflate away by immediately to cover the auto Don't worry whether it's hit and dropping water, or perhaps hit by sharp, or perhaps rolling burning down Because the go up is...



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