Sa Sa China Analysis

Introducing the Sa Sa International Possessing Limited (China)

Sa Sa International Keeping Limited, a Hong Kong leading cosmetics selling group in Asia. Sa Sa features approximately 230 stores and retail desks across different regions in Asia. Along with it possesses brand and other international brands; Sa Social fear offered more than 600 sorts of skin care, and fragrance, cosmetic makeup products and hair-care products. In 2005, in order to track the fast developing trend of China Cosmetic industry, Social fear Sa Foreign Holding Limited decided to enter into China marketplace with two new store opens in Shanghai. Up to now, Sa Social fear China provides launched 69 retail location across different areas in China and tiawan. Market possibility: Chinese customers still prefers to purchase all their cosmetic products in department store. This will be a major challenge for the majority of of the Beauty specialist retailers.

Current condition

According to the interim financial report on 30th of Sept. 2010 2011, it has shown that Sa Social fear is executing well in its core market " Hk and Macau” area; however , Sa Sa has skilled a lack of HKD 19. 75 , 000, 000 in 2011. The management staff of SaSa claims that the recorded loss in 2011 is usually caused by expense increases in recruiting new staff members, logistics and fresh store institution. Including the record of failures in 2011, Social fear Sa China has knowledgeable losses for 6 successive years. Exploratory research is done to understand the underlying concerns of Sa Sa Cina - " Asia Pacific Equity Exploration by Elsa Yang coming from JP Morgan, and莎莎大陆遇阻:四大原因导致内地业务发展缓慢 by李欣 from华夏经纬网. The indegent performance of Sa Sa China is considered to be caused by a number of factors. Firstly, High import tax in China have been affecting the low price technique that Sa Sa has well-practiced about. Secondly, the competitive beauty market in China offers weakened the Sa Sa's high goods varieties approach. Thirdly, the selling technique of Sa Sa is lacking of supports via most of the key labeled brands. These challenges might able to resolve simply by re-positioning the brand of Social fear Sa Intercontinental Holding Limited in Cina.

Benefit of this evaluation: To provide Sa Sa Chinese suppliers an evaluation of it current company positioning and give recommendation bottom on research of customers perception toward distinct attributes of Social fear Sa (China) and its competitors; which could help and aid Sa Social fear China to generate correct decision on future positioning approaches.

Administration problem: The right way to increase revenue and profitability of Social fear Sa Chinese suppliers? Marketing Research Problems: It is needed to decide the current situation of Social fear Sa Cina, in comparison to the different cosmetic store brand in China.

Objective of this analysis:

- To determine clients general preferences level of each individual brands - To determine buyers perception about different qualities among every brands. - To find out the characteristic of numerous customers group (segments) -- To determine the are perfect for segment to get Sa Social fear China to sell with its re-positioning strategy

Questionnaire Design:

An online questionnaire is designed to gather information on how do people in cosmetic industry (China) understand the Sa Sa Cina Brand in contrast to its competition.

Screeners: Screening query has set up to dam out respondents that is neither Chinese citizen from Mainland nor it includes shopped in Sa Social fear (China) and its competitors. Screening process questions are queried to check:

-Whether respondent are from mainland China

-Whether respondents have ever shop in Social fear Sa Chinese suppliers and its rivals

Preferences of brand: This section is designed to determine individual-level choice on each brand, respondents had been asked to rate all their preferences on each of your individual manufacturer on a 9-point semantic gear scale.

Notion on different attributes of brands: This section is built to determine specific perception upon various features among different China Beauty retailer brands. Respondents can rate every single attribute over a scale coming from 1 to 9...



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