My House

MY HOUSE ∙ HelloFriends. I are Christian Fernando. But you can contact me Christ. I stay in a area. I experience my family. They can be my parents, my brothers, my personal sisters, and myuncle. I have a big house with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, aliving space, a store, plus the large yard. ∙ Mygarden is clean since every morning I attract the garden. My own sisters rinse thedirty clothing and filthy plates while my siblings water flowers. Today, myliving room is definitely dirty.

My family and I stay in a house. It is on Merdeka Street, number 5. ( Identification)

The property is not too big. You will find 3 foundation rooms, a living room, a dining room, a shower room, and a kitchen. All rooms have beautiful green color, since my mom like green. They� will be neat and clean. There is certainly acomfortable small garden in front of my residence. There is a long wood chair in my back garden. The garden is definitely beautiful, as the plants increase well. ( Description)

I actually live in a small house. It includes five rooms: there are two bedrooms, a living room, your bathroom, and a kitchen. Without a doubt it is a little house; although I like residing in here for losing my spare time.

When the door is available, I can begin to see the living room. It is so tiny with just three ergonomic chairs and a table, not more than that. I prefer examining a story in this space.

My room is in the side of the living room. From this room there is also a night stand next to the bed, a TV, a radio, and a computer. When being fed up of reading, I usually enjoy online games, talk with my friends by means of Facebook and so on. �

Following to my personal bedroom is definitely my mother's. I do certainly not know what is definitely inside because I hardly ever come in to see it. Inside the right area of the living room there is the kitchen. With the food prep I have anything I need while i get hungry. It is very enjoyment when my personal mother at home cooks, the smell fills my personal whole house.

I realize it is a small house; however it is the best place I have ever before seen. �

My lovely home

My home is only a five minutes walk from school.

Is actually not very big, but very cosy and...



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