Jessica Shaw

December 3, 2011

Specific Project

Ale and Lager

Dark beer in India

Beer premoere appearance in India in the mid-1700's, during the early years of the Uk empire. The demand of beer originated in the United kingdom troops and other British officials who were enduring in the scorching heat in the Indian local climate. The demand to get beer just visited such an increased rate which a British distributor, George Hogson, developed a special type of beverage in his brewery in London, Great britain. The dark beer was called Indian Paler Ale or IPA for short. IPA was developed to outlive those long voyages by England to India with no spoiling, as a result of increasing temps during the 5 moth trip to India.

In the late 1820's a machine, Edward Dyer, moved coming from England to India to setup India's first brewery. The brewery was located by city of Shimla in the Himalaya Mountains. The brewery produced Asia's 1st beer referred to as Lion prior to it was moved to the community of Solan. The brewery moved for two reason, to become closer to the British and because the new place has an great quantity of refreshing spring normal water. The brewery is still operational. After the achievement of his first brewery, Dyer made available several other breweries throughout India. Dyer was later presented by L. G Meakin who adds another few breweries in India. In 1937 following your detachment of Burma by India, the Dyer Meakin Breweries started to be a general public company. The company is still generating beer around India and parts of Asia. However in the 1960's, the first dark beer in Asia, Lion, was changed from an IPA to a basis. The difference in the preparing of IPA was strongly influence by the Eastern Western european culture. The influence brought on all the breweries in India to switch above from Ale brewing to lager brewing. This finished the lengthy lived lifestyle of American indian Pale Light beer beer. As of now all beer made in India is a lager. All Indian beers range between five to eight percent alcohol. There are no breweries in India that still produce India Pale Ale. There are...

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