GRPS-Based Given away Home-Monitoring Employing Internet-Based

Physical Information Program

A. Ur. Al-Ali, Imran A. Zualkernan, Assia Lasfer, Alaa Chreide, and Hadel Abu Ouda Abstract — Recent improvements in publically available webbased Geographical Data Systems (GIS) and the

accessibility to low-cost bundled General Packet Radio Assistance (GPRS)/Global Setting Systems (GPS) modem have enabled

the introduction of embedded stand-alone home monitoring

systems. This kind of paper gives the design, execution and

screening of a home-monitoring system which utilizes online Map from a GIS with the readily available open public

satellite-based GPS DEVICE, and GPRS mobile sites. In addition to detecting thieves, the system allows a home owner to remotely monitor numerous critical residence sensors position including these tied to fire, flooding, and gas leaking. Home owners can monitor all their homes by way of their cellular phone or utilizing the Internet. This kind of

system may also be utilized by security firms, municipal defense agencies and cities to continually monitor and locate troublesome spots in residential neighborhoods and

compounds using free of charge GIS Maps1.

Index Terms — GPRS, GIS, Smart Home, Reliability,

Embedded Devices, Remote Monitoring.


World Wide Web, wireless communication tools and

gizmos are being extensively employed by the children via social networks, smart phone and GPS solutions. While on the

move, small home owners are applying GPS and GIS

solutions for highway and personal nav, texting each

other applying smart mobile devices, using social networking to

communicate and comply with each others' news immediately.

The wide-spread popularity, popularity and using these

technology has provided an opportunity to study and

expansion engineers as well as information technology

service providers to develop and supply value-added

services. One such value added service can enable the digital indigenous generation to...



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