Gender Oppression

Stephen Cunniffe

ENG 205- World Lit up

Thesis- Draft 2

Tale of An Hour

Gender and Oppression

American society values its image of itself in being equal and accepting women. Reproductive system rights, equivalent pay and women's suffrage have boasted women in a light that poses them more corresponding to men. However , in some materials there are still instances of sexual inequalities and disparities. Story of the Hour (1894) by Kate Chopin, exposes how sexuality differences induce responses in women who will be experiencing oppression due to their male or female roles.

Oppression plays a role in the development of Mrs. Mallard as well as her physical well-being. " Understanding that Mrs. Mallard was suffering from a cardiovascular trouble, wonderful care was taken to break to her since gently as is possible the news of her husband's death. ” Chopin says that Mrs. Mallard are unable to take the news of her husband's loss of life, not only as a result of her cardiovascular system condition although also since she is a frail woman. " Gently” meaning that if it were to be stated outright that she would are not able to survive this news of his death. Also, her " heart trouble” was not particular as being a heart failure issue, it might refer to Mrs. Mallard using a tremendous amount of love for her husband that might cause dire results. She is treated as if the girl was already destroyed by a before incident which this reports will put her off the ledge. Her response to the news of her partners death is not commonly one would act when they are oppressed.

Mrs. Mallard was the typical stay at home mom who indicated the same love and devotion of the normal wife would in the 1890's. " The lady wept at the same time, with abrupt, wild desertion, in her sister's hands. When the thunderstorm of sadness had spent itself your woman went away to her room alone. ” Here Mrs. Mallard fits the particular gender function that people might assume a wife might act the moment hearing of their husband's loss of life. Weeping and abandonment happen to be signs of sadness and loss of someone who is important to you. As well she performs this in the comfort of her...



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