Why the South Dropped the City War

When the Confederate Army Basic Robert Elizabeth. Lee surrendered to the Union Army Standard, Ulysses T. Grant at the Appomattox Courthouse on The spring 9, 1865, many considered the Civil Warfare to be more than. The fact which the North was victorious over the South was accepted as well as the process of renovation began in America. It was hardly ever openly talked about on how come the North defeated the South. However , the question began to slowly arise over time in why the South dropped the Civil War. Many historians have grown to be interested in this kind of question and lots of reasons have already been given on why the South lost the Civil War. Insufficient manpower, shortages of products, and poor leadership and government were the three major reasons on for what reason the South was defeated in the City War.

Having a shortage of materials due to insufficient industrial facets, the To the south suffered tremendously in the Detrimental War, eventually causing their very own loss. The North's ability to bring their industry to manufacture supplies allowed that to gain as well as its prominence over the Southern. The Southern, having only 20, 500 factories, was no competition intended for the North, which got 105, 000 factories. Nevertheless , the Southern at 1 point do have an possibility to gain even more supplies through foreign help, which might have caused the Civil Conflict to have a diverse outcome if the South could have received that aid. Britain and Portugal were willing to give the Southern region money, food, drugs, weaponry, and many more items. However , the South utilized the establishment of slavery, which prevented European help. Because the middle-classes of Italy and Britain were against the " odd institution”, that they chose to affiliate with the North, rather than the South. The South's deficiency of materials ultimately triggered them to lose the Civil War mainly because they were typically not ready for battles and would not have the important supplies to compete with the North's several weapons from other large companies.

With numbers that could certainly not compete with the North, the South's shortage...



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