Five Schools of Thought

Schools of Thought


March twenty-five, 2014

Mentor Martinez

Schools of Thought

There is a total of five schools of thought in the history of psychology. These schools of thought consist of structuralism, functionalism, behaviorism, Gestalt psychology and psychoanalysis. Structuralism is the way of thinking that in accordance to Cherry  (2014), " Structuralism was the initial school of psychology and focused on wearing down mental techniques into the most elementary components” (Structuralism). Functionalism was influenced by the work of William Adam and it is a form of response intended for structuralism. Cherry (2014), " The term behaviorism refers to the college of psychology founded by simply John M. Watson based upon the belief that behaviors can be assessed, trained, and changed. " However , Aussehen psychology focuses mainly in human tendencies and brain as one whole in addition , psychoanalysis was first structured on Sigmund Freud mostly reputed for the Identification, Ego and Superego. Structuralism was first structured on a The german language Psychologist called William Wundt Structuralism was the first way of thinking in mindset, structuralism is definitely the study of another component of consciousness. An example of structuralism is describing an experience at a certain place since giving detailed examples just like the park was windy, chilly, and soothing. However , Functionalism, unlike structuralism was formed as a response to structuralism. Functionalism was influenced by the work of William James and Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory (Cherry,  2014). Functionalism focused on the goal of consciousness and behavior rather than the components of the consciousness (Cherry, 2014). Functionalism influenced psychology as much as structuralism did and changed the meaning of the educational system. The father of psychology first founded the school of behaviorism, Ruben B. Watson and relating to Cherry wood (2014), " The term behaviorism refers to the school of psychology...

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