Enlightenment Age

Heather Frederick

Grand Canyon University or college: HTH-469

September 11, 2013

The Enlightenment Era was seen as an time of emancipation from lack of knowledge and impaired submission. The church regulators had lengthy dictated the reality as they saw it, and this period will mark the break coming from faith and the shift to reason. Research replaced the miraculous and natural morality replaced teorema (Grenz, & Olson, В 1992). Man became the center with the universe rather than God. These kinds of progressive mindsets threatened to displace orthodoxy all together, which led to the rise of fundamentalist Christian believers sworn to preserve the unsullied doctrines of Christianity as they interpreted these people. The struggle between those two would continue far past this time and best reshape Christianity. On the back again side associated with an era that demanded complete agreement and submission to Christian proposicion emerged a radical change. Even as early as Luther, a break is visible from orthodoxy. This force from stiff doctrinal control continued through the ages arriving fully into its own during the Age of Enlightenment and Reason. Philosophers started to question the absolutes from the universe while depicted by the Church, and came to the conclusion that men, not God, were to be the focus. People began to look to technology and reasoning to guild them moderately. The enlightenment worldview understood that will no longer could person lean upon and rely upon that which wasn't able to be discussed and fully comprehended. A large number of Christians during this period took on the liberal watch of Our god, the Scriptures, miracles, as well as Jesus Him self. Nature started to be the primary manifestation of Goodness rather than particular biblical revelation. The Bible could not be taken as the ultimate authority, and Jesus was downgraded to a moral educator rather than the Son of God. Those professors of cause and liberal thinking certain society that they could home govern, and this though there is within gentleman a tendency toward evil the application of the common moral code would prevail...

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