Elia Kazan

During thirties Elia Kazan, who was a part of the communist's cell was called prior to House of Un- American Activities Committee to provide facts and to state against his former communist friends and colleagues. At first Kazan usually name names, but on his second interview under oath he improved his decision and chose to testify against his communist friends and colleagues. Following testifying Kazan was eager to justify his decision to why he chose to state and to share that is was for the main advantage of the nation secureness. Elia Kazan saw his opportunity to warrant his decision by direct the movie Within the Waterfront, which has been about the struggles a charterer brand Terry was required to face when he was placed into a situation that he had to decide on whether this individual should or perhaps should not testify against the Union Mobs.

Kazan psychological struggles and condemnation which in turn he faced after testifying made his decision to direct film production company no surprise. Kazan uses this opportunity to rationalize and request a way to acquire sympathetic understanding for his own decision to testify. Because of his own encounter Kazan looked at the problems portrayed in the Waterfront like a statement of his personal individuality and integrity. The waterfront provided an insight to its viewer's to understand the down sides and challenges one confront when taking a stand for some thing they believe is correct.

The Waterfront portrays the reason behind the decision. This express, just how fear influence individual's is going to to stand up for what they will belief in. It shows that people believed that by simply standing up and talking about the situations trigger by data corruption will only bring trouble. Nevertheless , it also share that by keeping silent about the job occurring can brings a lot more trouble. In the movie Terry decision to testify up against the Friendly's attempts to show that in some situations it is basically right to break the rolled oats of silence, especially when is placed in an extremely tough condition, and even if this means...



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