COMN 3100 Edward Bernays Divulgacion

In his writing on " Propaganda” Edward Bernays redefines the word propaganda in attempts to get traditional western society to think about it while not only a thing that is positive but also as a requirement to maintain a functioning democratic society. Bernays argues that propaganda is necessary as a foundation of a working society. His argument is based on his opinion that when persons get together in large teams, they are unmanageable, undisciplined, and unable to produce rational decisions, as they are even more prone to acting on emotion rather than reason. As a substitute, to avoid the chaos of having each member of society tone their thoughts and opinions on interpersonal or politics issues, Bernays suggests having a set of establishments of procedures that serve to regulate these types of crowds for them to behave in the framework of a democracy. Bernays advises on the system exactly where experts develop systems in a democratic society to talk the correct replies individuals really should have on different issues. Through this system, persons are not able to form opinions of their own because these kinds of opinions are already translated, formed and methodized for them. With this essay I will exemplify ways that Bernays' advice of the need for the use of promozione to maintain an organized democratic society is not just counter to the idea democracy but also is a reductionist idea that disallows room pertaining to true appearance of personal in a democratic society. Extensively, democracy can be explained as a opinion that concentrates on the people but more importantly for the individual. It provides the individual capacity to have a voice, be heard, also to be given the energy to make contributing choices based on their morals. Even though there are many people, subcultures, and beliefs in a single contemporary society, in a democracy the individual has the capacity to weigh in and generate changes that will contribute towards greater very good of that culture. The notion of living in an absolute democracy turns into washed apart in a agent democracy since suggested by Beynays,...

Cited: Bernays, Edward cullen L. " Organizing Damage. " " The New Propaganda. ” Divulgacion. Brooklyn, D. Y.: Ig Pub., 1928. 9-32. Print.



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