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Introduction to the Info Protection (3 MC, 2 S/A, 1LA)


1 . Identify the importance details technology and understand that is responsible for guarding an company information resources 2 . Find out and understand the definition and key attributes of information security 3. Find out and understand the definition and key features of management and supervision 4. Acknowledge the characteristics that differentiate information security supervision from basic management Concepts:

Data security (InfoSec) is the protection of information and its critical factors, including the devices and hardware that use, store, and transfer that details. Figure 1-1 shows that data security includes the extensive areas of information security managing (the subject of this book), computer and data secureness, and network security. At the heart of the research of information secureness is the notion of policy (discussed in detail in Chapter 4). Policy, recognition, training, education, and technology are vital concepts to get the safeguard of information and for keeping info systems by danger.

* Business Mgmt Professionals: Orgzn ad Info Sec strategy, policy and methods ($$) * I. Capital t. Mgmt: support business targets w/ ideal information technology (HW, SW, NW, interfaces) * InfoSec Mgmt: provide technological protective environment for important assets coming from threats/ intrusions, disruptions Communities of Interest

* InfoSec community: shields the organization's information assets from the threats they encounter. * THAT community: facilitates the business aims of the firm by supplying and supporting information technology ideal to the company needs. 5. Non-technical standard business community: articulates and communicates company policy and objectives and allocates solutions to the different groups.

Technology (I. T. )

= touchable HW, SW, DBs, NW, technologies accustomed to support as well as build Details Systems (data / information processing) sama dengan technological parts to support help System Extremite / comm Information Devices (I. H. )

= Particular organizational applications, specialized Sub-Systems Supported by diverse tangible technology (I. Big t. )

Technical " Infrastructure”

= particular technologies that support a Organization, NW, Info Devices = simple electronic, mechanical, social, politics, etc . support systems sama dengan provides important support structure for a system / business / network = specifies how all I. T. and I. T. connected

Technological " Architecture”

Overall " Logical”, " Conceptual Design” of NW …that facilitates exchange of information + facts = Review of the I. S. NW, Telecomm (T/C) System,

and Web commerce environments (B2B, B2C, C2C)

-- shows interrelations of Tech components

- how components user interface + FUNCTION

- traces how Orgnzn functions & flexibility in order to meet future requirements ….. ”scalability”


- Laptop Architecture

-- Software Structures

- Network Architecture

Info Secureness Safeguards, IT Controls (Part 1)

5. Please describe two cases of each category



*** Most tactical uses for security ***

1 . to obtain info during transmission

2 . to obtain stored data /data

* ACCESS CONTROL (Firewalls, Accounts, Intrusion Diagnosis Systems) * Cyber Combat (Honeypots, Honeynets, Darknets)

5. Describe two techniques

2. We need to know the dimensions of the hash features because the going to maintain the exam. (IMPORTANT)


Inside the exam, refer to 2 of the 7 supposition

7 Info Reliability and RETURN Dilemmas

1 . Companies emphasis more about Capital expenditures that directly affect revenue

believe Info Sec investments change focus from profit as well as growth 2 . Top mgmt often does not understand Impact

of info security breaches upon...



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