change of attitude of chrisianity and islam toward

At first the attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants and trade were different from one another. It can afterwards be seen that both attitudes not only transformed, but as well became similar to each other. This kind of change in perceptions mostly taken place in the time frame, from about the first century for the fourteenth.

The differences in the perceptions of Christianity and Islam toward stores and operate can be seen in the thing that was stated in the Bible around 70-80C. E. and in the Qur? an at about 620-650C. E. It can be written in the Bible that,? It is easier for a camel to go through the attention of a needle, than to get a rich gentleman to enter in the kingdom of God.? The Qur? an states that,? the honest, truthful Muslim merchant is going to take rank with the martyrs from the faith.? In line with the Bible, a male must devote his existence to portion God, not really acquiring souple, therefore an absolute Christian may not be a service provider. The Qur? an will not restrict Muslims from getting merchants, instead it stimulates them to turn into honest and truthful stores.

The story of St . Godric that was written in 1170 C. E. shows that the attitude of Christianity had begun to change. Godric was a effective merchant whom latter dedicated himself to serving Goodness. Godric revealed that a guy could provide God better by using his acquired lot of money to do God? s assistance. The change of attitude can be seen as Godric started to be St . Godric.

At about the thirteenth century, it can be noticed that the Christian attitude started to be very similar to the attitude of Islam since described inside the Qur? an. In 1273, the theologian Thomas Aquinas stated that,? no guy should sell off a thing to a new man for over its well worth.? This reflects what was stated in the Qur? an, that merchants should be truthful and honest.

In the fourteenth 100 years, both perceptions changed to become very similar to one another. A fourteenth century Muslim scholar, Ibn Khaldun, stated that, for a merchant to sell some thing at selling price higher than their particular cost, the...



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