Case Study Microlite T. A.: the Pan-Orient Decision

Case Study Microlite S. A.: The Pan-Orient Decision


Microlite S i9000. A. which can be located in Brazil was the most significant producer of batteries in South America having a mighty 54% share with the Brazilian battery market. Leading Management experienced decided to power down all but a single out of three in the dry cell battery production facilities in Guarulhos. This made available the chance for Luiz Pinto, manager of Microlite's electric battery factory in Jaboatão, to adopt over the forex market share and do further purchases of his company. This statement is going to describe three fundamental different procedures on how he can increase his production. Dominate the old machines from the industries in Guarulhos, invest in fresh machines from Pan-Orient or perhaps come up with new ideas the way the current processes can be better to cover the shortfall.

Feasible Solutions

The closing of the plants in Guarulhos caused the Jaboatão plant to increase the production of one-eighth of its creation to absorb this shortcoming. Luiz Pinto can basically choose from several approaches to reach a required ability of 540 units/min:

1) Take over aged machines from your factories in Guarulhos

The machines by Guarulhos had been stated being more reliable compared to the current devices in Jaboatão. A partly or a complete takeover of those machines would allow to adjust to the needed capacity. Empty machines could be sold.

2) Acquire a new assembly line from Pan-Orient

This would be the opportunity to replace this batch assemblage machines with an automated manufacturing plant for AA-size batteries. This kind of investment of 2M$ will allow to reach as well as excess the needed capacity, drastically lessen downtime and the number of employees.

3) Diverse advancements in the production range

Through different improvements (e. g. improved supply mechanisms) we could make an effort to reduce the huge downtimes in the modern production. These 10-40% are mainly due to irregular short ceases to fix jellies or adjust settings. If it would be conceivable to reduce this...



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