Bussiness Ethic


1 . Organization Ethics' explanation Comprises rules, values, and standards that guide tendencies in the world of business Principles: specific boundaries to get behavior which can be universal and absolute Electronic. g. freedom of presentation, and city liberties (rights) 公民权利 Principles: Used to develop socially enforced norms强制规范

At the. g. Integrity廉正,正直, accountability责任, trust

installment payments on your The twenty-first Century's Fresh Focus: Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002) 沙賓法案 (SOX Act) Extended issues with corporate non-compliance (a series of scam cases: Enron, WorldCom, Halliburton, Arthur Andersen). Such violations increased general public and political demands to get improved moral standards Most extensive ethics reform & increased accounting regulations " SOX Act” is the most far-reaching change in company control and accounting restrictions since the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934. (made securities fraudulence a offense and stiffened penalties for corporate fraud) FSGO change (2004): amendment requires governing authorities to be well-informed relating to business ethics programs (with respect to content, implementation, and effectiveness) Firm's best danger is definitely not discovering misconduct (or lurking illegitimate activities) early Basic presumptions of capitalism being contested Fears in the wake of worldwide recession and financial meltdown, there is a restored need to treat the level of ethical, legal, and compliance polices, which need to help provide the public fascination.


3. Stakeholders in a organization context, consumers, investors and shareholders, staff, suppliers, gov departments, communities, and others who have a " stake” or assert in some element of a provider's, operations, markets, industry, and outcomes. 5. Primary and secondary stakeholders Those in whose continued affiliation is necessary for the firm's success; Are not necessary to a business survival. five. Stakeholder discussion model you will find reciprocal interactions between the organization and a host of stakeholders. Principal: customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, community, authorities regulatory organizations. Secondary: unique interest groupings, the advertising (in U. S., not really in China), competitors, operate associations. 6. Stakeholder alignment

The degree that a firm recognizes and addresses stakeholder requirements Comprises three or more sets of activities: 1) the organization-wide generation of data about stakeholder groups and assessment from the firm's results on these types of groups; 2) the syndication of this info throughout the organization; 3) the responsiveness from the organization overall to this details Generating info about stakeholders begins with 1) determining the stakeholders; 2) characterize the worries about their conduct that every relevant stakeholder group shares. 7. Business social responsibility

Can be viewed as an agreement with society 1)Economic; 2)Legal; 3)Ethical; 4)Philanthropic: еЌљз€±

Business ethics requires carefully thought-out rules (heuristics) of perform that information decision making 8. ISO26000 ( cannot be employed for certification purposes but is supposed as a guideline), which is a corporate and business social responsibility regulation supposed to promote one common understanding in the area of social responsibility. ISO14000 is usually an environmental regulation normal any organization can choose to help it reduce the carbon impact, pollution, and waste. (ISO The Worldwide Organization pertaining to Standardization. 9. Corporate governance definition

To eliminate the opportunity for workers to make dishonest decisions, normally have developed formal systems of accountability, oversight, and control. Today, the failure to balance stakeholder interests can lead to a failure to increase shareholders' wealth. Accountability 义务; Oversight 监管; Control 控制

Accountability helps employees, customers, investors, authorities regulators, and other stakeholders understand why and how the corporation chooses and achieves its goals. Aktionar model: such as goal of...



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