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Performance Appraisal Assignment

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Chavonne McCall

September seventeen, 2012

Performance Appraisal Assignment

Performance appraisal is the procedure through which worker performance is usually assessed, opinions is offered to the worker, and corrective action ideas are designed (Youssef, 2012). Overall performance appraisals were made to evaluate a great employee's overall performance, and to ensure that the company reach its' objectives or goals. Some staff will praise the functionality appraisal procedure, and others will say that it was unjust. Performance evaluations are for both the company and for the employee. If perhaps performance evaluations were not carried out an employee would not know where they need - 1 --

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to improve, and what they are performing correctly. In this paper all of us will go over strategic benefits of performance assessments, potential forms of bias inside the appraisal program, as well as just how performance appraisals can help the achievement of strategic targets. Performance evaluations provide HOURS management with valuable feedback that helps in planning and making decisions (Youssef, 2012). Information received from performance appraisals gives information about the personnel:

В· Personality

В· Growth potential

В· Adaptability to variation at work environment

В· Respect to get organizational rules and regulations

В· Efficiency

В· Effectiveness

В· Leadership and team-work capabilities

В· Communication abilities

В· Strong points

В· Weak point (Youssef, 2012).

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Additionally, it helps to discover employees whom should be marketed. Performance appraisals help with succession planning. Succession planning is definitely making sure that competent employees can be obtained to load managerial positions with they may become available. Functionality appraisals offer that data. There are many different types of biases that can occur to an employee while a performance appraisal is being conducted....

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1 . Youssef, C. (2012) Human resource management, San Diego, LOS ANGELES: Bridgepoint Education

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