Breadtalk Simple Analysis

1 . The Industry, the company and its products or services

1 . 1 The Company

BreadTalk Group Limited started like a bakery in 2000 simply by Dr . George Quek wonderful wife, Katherine Tan. (CIMB, 2009) Today, BreadTalk is actually a listed, well-researched food and beverage (F& B) organization, who has expanded its business to 15 distinct countries such as China, Dalam negri and the Central East. BreadTalk's business has 4 sectors: 1) Food handling business; 2) Foodstuff Atrium; 3) Restaurant; and 4) Franchise. (CIMB, 2009)

Because of BreadTalk's stress on development, BreadTalk will be able to grow to global personnel strength of 7000 staff, with more than 600 bakeries and many several restaurants and food atria in the world. (BreadTalk Group Limited, 2013) 1 . 2 The Company's Products and Services

BreadTalk's products and services vary from brand to brand. First of all, their food handling business business includes: 1) BreadTalk, which is a bakery, offering a variety of bread, cakes and pastries; 2) The Icing Room, providing " Design-it-yourself” cakes; 3) Bread Culture, an designer bakery; and 4) Thye Moh Chan, a recent obtain that offers traditional teochew pastries. (Quek, 2012)

Secondly, their foodstuff atria portion offers Meals Republic, a local food court docket. Thirdly, their restaurants category includes: 1) Din Tai Fung, a Chinese restaurant that specialises in Xiao Long Bao; 2) Carl's Jr, a quick food chain; 3) RamenPlay, a ramen restaurant and; 4) Bread toasted Box, a coffee chain that offers toast and other local pleasures. (BreadTalk Group Limited, 2013) 1 . several The Market

The F& B market was analysed using the Porter's Five Pressure, referring to relevant BreadTalk Group operations, emphasising on the food handling business aspect. 1 . 3. one particular Threat of New Entrants

The threat of recent entrants inside the F& B industry is definitely high because of the low limitations of entrance because of: 1) low initial capital outlays – expense of equipment and research is low, 2) items rarely have got patents to it, rendering it easily copied, 3) item differentiation is present, 4) quick access to successful distribution stations. 1 . several. 2 Menace of Alternative products or Services

The threat of product substitutes is excessive considering that BreadTalk's customer confront low moving over costs. For example , there are many neighborhood snack organizations that BreadTalk Bakery's buyers can different to, just like Mr. Bean and Polar Puffs & Cakes. 1 . 3. 3 Bargaining Power of Customers

Customers in the F& B sector have excessive buying electric power, as there are low switching costs. Generally, the industry's demand is highly cost elastic, numerous being price-sensitive and might easily go for alternatives, especially with high inflation in the economy. 1 ) 3. four Bargaining Benefits of Suppliers

Suppliers in the industry have a low negotiating power because of the high number of existing suppliers and the simple ingredients (e. g. flour, egg, chausser etc . ) are largly homogenous and differ little in quality, lowering their bargaining power. 1 . three or more. 5 Depth of Competitive Rivalry

The F& M industry is extremely competitive by nature. In its bakery business, BreadTalk faces a diversity of rivals ranging from large bakeries such as 4 Leaves and Crystal Jade Bakery, to small neighborhood bakeries. BreadTalk food innenhof faces competition from similar food courts including Kou Venne, Food Verse and Kopitiam. All in all, competition is risky and intense as there are substantial exit barriers and moderate growth. 2 . Market Research and Analysis

2 . 1 Industry industry and the important things with regards to it

The Food and Beverage (F& B) industry has been growing significantly, the two locally or perhaps globally. In Singapore, there has been a steady enhance of establishments in the F& B sector; in 2011, there was clearly a 5. 5% increase in establishments coming from 2011, striking a new record of six, 500 companies. The earnings in 2011 improved by a doze. 1% from 2011 (Singapore Department of Statistics, 2012) With the increase in population and growth in the toursim sector, there is certainly a high require in the F& B industry. (Refer to...

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