Blessed Charm

Lucky elegance

" The items they carried” is a history about couple Vietnam experts who taken different items with them with their main reasons why. We all rely on one thing yet another. It is all about what you thinks works for you and how it works. Personally I have been holding a endroit that I have got on me personally at all times. The coin has been around my family for more than two hundred years. My wonderful grandfather acquired the endroit from a client when he started out his foreign trade business at the end of 1850's in Kabul, Afghanistan. It was the first money that selection when he was at business. About 250 years later and i also still have the coin and i also will transfer to my own son. Since the first child born towards the eldest son gets to retain it. I have been very lucky and honored to obtain the coin and get lucky. Yes it sounds a little crazy but if you probably believe that it will eventually work and will bring you good fortune and achievement it definitely performs. I was 17 when I acquired the endroit I had observed stories about it because my father would tell me like just how he got it and how much luck and success that brought to him. It is a Shanzi; quarter Afghani which is crafted from pure silver. They halted making them in the early twentieth century individuals start misusing the cash. The amount of money that was used on the silver precious metal coins to manufacture was more than the gold coin itself was worth. Since I got the coin I feel that I have been blessed and good. Right after I acquired the endroit I got within a big car accident and I was hospitalized for almost two months. My personal car was damaged so bad that everyone thought I used to be not going to make it. Although I guess my time was not really over but. In the beginning I was a little iffy about the entire coin thing, but the incident changed my own point of view and i also started trusting that this can be my blessed charm and my protector angel. There was something that made me feel that my ancestors were watching over me. Exactly like me there are many people who take one thing or another as a lucky charm or perhaps as safeguard. I think...



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