Athena: A Positive Function Model for ladies Today.


An optimistic Role Style for Women Today

As a gentleman, it is nearly impossible for me to truly know what a female would desire in a positive role model. Being a gentleman in a " mans' world" I can just see and try to understand the challenges that many woman go through today. To me an ideal role style for contemporary women would be, someone who may overcome the obstacles of any patriarchal world while not limiting their personal ethics and morals. Function models must have both durability and awareness while working with adversity. The Greek empress Athena is known as a powerful part model for the women more recently by with all of these virtues.

The goddess Athena was your Daughter of Zeus and Metis. When ever Metis started to be pregnant, Zeus devoured her. He do this due to a prophecy, which said that Metis would have a son who does grow to dethrone him. Later, Zeus developed a severe frustration, which was happy by dividing his head open with an responsable. From this open up wound sprang Athena. Staying born undesired and motherless was extremely traumatic, although Athena kept Zeus' human body prepared. She was born fully dressesed in armor and armed with a spear and shield. Females today will be born into a world in which genders are certainly not treated equally. Athenas wiliness to defend herself is a thing that woman today can admire.

Athena or Minerva (Roman) was the empress of intelligence, military methods, weaving and crafts. During these areas she dominated male oriented points, such as masterminding the fall of Troy by building the Trojan horse. The invention with the chariot is likewise credited to her. In fact she was more proficient at battle than men were. Your woman was also the empress of armed forces victory and winning approaches, where Ares or Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) (Roman) was just the our god of war. Athena is called the guard of heroes and cities. She is portrayed by designers of old Greece because tall with calm features, majestic, and described as the goddess with gray sight. She constitutes a good example that women don't have to be enclosed from...

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