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TERM 3 2006


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Requirements for this paper are because follow:

Design and style and attract a repository of no less than 5 furniture, to be accustomed to explain the above terminologies. These tables should be realistic and related to reveal your understanding of RDB. Your mock MAKING database must show the fields with genuine data. You have to display the in-depth understanding of the vocable by their feature, purpose, benefit and disadvantages of their use (if any). Use the mark allowance to function as a guide intended for the volume and quality of the answer. Make sure to use Harvard referencing intended for assignment, normally your work will be considered as plagiarized.

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1 . 1 . Create detail notes to explain the following terminologies: several 1 . 1 . 1 . Database [15]4

1 . 1 . 2 . Tables [20]some

1 . 1 ) 3. Attributes [10]4

1 . 1 . four. Tuples [15]4

1 . 1 . 5. Relational Database [15]four

1 . 1 ) 6. Primary Keys [10]4

1 . 1 ) 7. Composite Primary Essential [5]4

1 ) 1 . eight. Foreign Keys [10]5

2 . Referencing5



You may choose any company that deals with Electronic digital Database. You need to introduce about the company (How long it can be exiting, why should you have Database for your firm, what is the main advantage of having data source for your company). Talk about the features and terms of the Databases

Show 5 furniture for your company Database. Point out the terminologies that will be included in your databases.

1 ) 1 . Write detail remarks to explain this terminologies:

1 ) 1 . 1 . Database[15]

Give you the definition of Databases

Talk about the benefits and disadvantages of Databases

Display capture the five desks done in Ms Access (e. g company normally have dining tables to keep staff records, client records, goods records, supplier records plus some relational table that reveals the link among product and vendor, or customer and product or vendor and etc) Offer some diagram(s) on how database looks like

1 . 1 . installment payments on your Tables[20]

Give you the definition of tables

Use your table showing as an example upon explaining regarding table Give some feature about stand

1 . 1 . three or more. Attributes[10]

Give the definition of Qualities

Use your table to demonstrate the example of attribute upon explaining attribute Provide a few characteristic regarding attribute

1 . 1 . 4. Tuples[15]

Provide the meaning of Tuples

Use one of your desk to show the example of Tuples upon outlining Tuples Offer some feature about Tuples

1 ) 1 . a few. Relational Repository[15]

Provide the meaning of relational databases

Use one of your table to exhibit the sort of relational database upon explaining relational repository Provide a few characteristic about relational databases

1 ) 1 . six. Primary Important factors[10]

Provide the meaning of Primary Key

Use your table to show the sort of Primary essential upon...



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