Arthropod Diverisy

Arthropods are portion of the largest and the most diverse phylum in the dog kingdom. The phylum that i am speaking of is called Arthropoda, which is Latin for " jointed ft. " Arthropods are set up of more than a million invertebrate types within 4 subphyla. The four subphyla consist of five classes of Uniramia which include insects, 3 classes of Chelicerata including horseshoe crabs and arachnids, Trilobita (which are extinct), and Crustacea. When you break down an arthropod you will find that of those of them are bilaterally symmetrical and have a segmented body that may be protected by simply an outside shell which contains chitin. Chitin provides two uses fo the arthropod. It first is armor to safeguard the arthropod from predators, weather, and whatever else it may well encounter. The second purpose this serves is to be a area for muscle to attach to. Each physique segment the arthropod offers bears some jointed biceps and triceps or hip and legs. Insects will be arthropods with six thighs and they are the sole arthropods that can fly. Arachnids are also arthropods. The most well known arachnids are probably spiders, but scorpions, mites, and ticks are also Arachnids. As you can suppose, Arachnids happen to be arthropods with eight hip and legs. Most Arachnids live on land, but you will discover few whom live in freshwater. Another arthropod species is crustaceans. Crustaceans have eight or more lower limbs and most of them are aquatic. The most widely known crustaceans consist of shrimp, lobsters, and crabs. There are several crustaceans, like woodlice, go on land rather than in the water.

Being the greatest phylum in the animal kingdom, arthropods are very critical for the animal universe. An example of this could be seen by way of a contribution for the food chain. As we know food is a very main source of energy and without energy it is quite hard to continue your required activities. Almost all animal organizations including arthropods feed on arthropods. Birds, fish, reptiles, plant life, and even human beings feed on arthropods....



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