Animal Farm Essay Outline

Ronald Jones


Miss. Cormier

12 Apr 2013

Animal Farm

(Essay Outline)

Essay topic: The Comparison of The Russian Wave to the story Animal Farm building

Potential name of dissertation: The Communism Comparison

Thesis statement: George Orwell's story " Animal Farm” can be clearly defined as a children's account, but it shows to be a comparison of the Russian Revolution. The poker site seizures that occur in the publication are tightly related to you see, the events through the revolution, plus the animals can also be historically known as the Communism leaders that took part in the trend like, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, and more. Orwell a new reasoning for this practical comparability, and this will be proven over the essay.


Idea of Section 1:

My opinion on the topic

The assessment between the traditional event and the novel How it is compared

Introduction to the main topic of my dissertation

Idea of Paragraph 2:

Talk about one of my personal strongest argument that facilitates my opinion in the topic Which in turn characters represented each of the communist leaders In the event the comparison among both sides was accurate

The way the characters inside the novel and the communist frontrunners are carefully portrayed

Thought of Paragraph several:

My poorest argument i must find ways to support

What made him interested in the subject

Has his written operate the past ever related to other historical occasions around the world How come George Orwell chose to review his book to the Russian Revolution

Idea of Paragraph some:

Explain carefully my most effective argument of my dissertation

How everything played out in both the novel and the innovation The result plus the significance with the comparison

What communism brings about and causes

Notion of Paragraph a few (Conclusion):

Bottom line of all the debate throughout the composition

What the viewers has come to realized throughout the story Orwell's reasoning to his comparison

A wrap...



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