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Product five: Principles of helping business situations


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Section one particular – Understand how to support the organisation of any business celebration

1 . The moment organising a company event, describe the range of support activities that may be required.

There are a number of supporting activities that are required when organising a business event, such as; Organising a location for the event,

Ensuring the big event is very well publicized,

Appropriate space and licences will be in place,

The best equipment is offered and operable

And virtually any relevant records is intended for all guests. If all the above are in place it provides a positive effect on the business function.

2 . Complete the table below by simply identifying two ways of rendering support ahead of, during after a business celebration.

|Before |During |After | |1. |1. |1. | | | | | | | | | |Circulating Agenda's. |Arranging refreshments. |Writing up minutes. | | | | | | | | | |2. |2. |2. | | | | | | | | | |Meeting Asks for. |Meeting and Greeting |Following up prospects and opinions. | | | | | | | |

Section 2 – Understand the aim of displaying professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a small business event and the way to do so

1 . Explain the goal of displaying professional and beneficial behaviour when ever supporting an enterprise event.

By displaying a helpful and professional conduct during a business event you help showcase a positive result to the function. People will relish the experience and as a result will make a good and confident contribution.

The attendees will become more knowledgeable and as such follows up any kind of agreed activities.

People receive all the information that they require, which leads to a better experience and they then begin to see the organisation in a positive way.

If the attendees have a good...



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